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Snapchat Hops on AI Bandwagon

Snapchat is now introducing a new AI chatbot into its app for all those who fork over $3.99 a month.Photo: Funstock (Shutterstock)The large language model AI bandwagon is getting awfully full lately. Now Snap, the company that owns

Apple App Store Adtech Targeted by German Antitrust Probe

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)Another day, another antitrust investigation into a tech giant. This time, it’s Apple: Germany’s competition watchdog on Tuesday announced a new probe into Apple’s slate of anti-tracking tech that the

The Best Dogs In Big Tech

Photo: Andreas Rentz (Getty Images)Tech leaders could probably use some reassuring pals right about now.The industry’s top darlings watched as they collectively lost more than $1 trillion in just three days last month. Public perceptions

Snap Stock Plunges By 40% As Company Slows Hiring

Snap Founder and CEO Evan Spiegel warned investors that the company would not be making its expected revenues this year.Photo: Karl-Josef Hildenbrand (AP)Shares of social media company Snap Inc. fell dramatically in what is poised to be

Snap’s CEO Disses Facebook’s Metaverse As Hypothetical

Photo: Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)Luxury brands, investment bankers, and even the goddamn military might be buying big into the idea of a metaverse, but thankfully, there’s one prominent CEO who’s finally calling it out for being as