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Pixar CCO Talks Toy Story Film’s Failure

Buzz Lightyear and Sox.Image: PixarAt the start of 2022, few films felt like as sure of a bet as Lightyear. It was a new film from Pixar, a company known for its high standards in terms of story, and was part of the Toy Story franchise,

Pixar’s New Toy Story Film Staring Chris Evans

To infinity, and beyond.Image: PixarTry, if you can, to put aside all the off-screen Lightyear nonsense. What is this movie? How does it fit in with Toy Story? None of that matters. The first three frames of the latest Pixar animation

Scarlet Johanson and Chris Evans Sci-Fi Team Up

Black Widow and Captain America are teaming back up for an original Apple movie.Image: Marvel StudiosBlack Widow and Captain America are going to space. Apple just picked up the rights to a new movie called Project Artemis which will