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Horror Hit Available on Vudu

Evil Dead Rise—writer-director Lee Cronin’s continuation of Sam Raimi’s cult-beloved Evil Dead series—managed to win over audiences and critics despite its lack of Bruce Campbell antics. If you haven’t yet made it to the theater, good…

What’d You Think of Evil Dead Rise?

Image: Warner Bros.Fans of Sam Raimi different parts of his filmography the like, but the Evil Dead series is often one of the most talked about. While the Ash vs. Evil Dead TV show from 2015 and last year’s video game have helped keep

Gory and Entertaining Horror Reboot

It was risky for Evil Dead Rise, the latest entry in a series that set the standard for “cabin in the woods” horror, to choose a Los Angeles high-rise as its principle setting. But that risk pays off in writer-director Lee Cronin’s new…

Wonder Man MCU Set Pictures Reveal Familiar Return

Melissa Barrera is heading to her Scream 6 directors’ Universal Monsters movie. A new Deadite rises in clips from Evil Dead Rise. Plus, behind the scenes on The Little Mermaid, and wedding bells ring for Archie and Cheryl on Riverdale.

Evil Dead Rise Will Be Extra Gory, According to Director

Evil Dead Rise has its world premiere tonight at the SXSW Film Festival before arriving in theaters in April. And while it won’t feature Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, Lee Cronin’s film will include some other important series…

New Scream 6 Pictures Tease Samara Weaving’s Cameo

Image: ParamountThe directors of the new Escape From New York are making it a reboot-sequel. Bruce Campbell wants to work with Sam Raimi on an animated Evil Dead movie. The Mandalorian drops two new posters. Plus, when to expect the