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55 New Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Books Releasing in May

May’s new book releases bring favorite genre staples like dragons, rebellious magic users, space heroes, and time travelers—but also fierce mermaids, reinvented gods and legends, queer cyberpunk detectives, moody personal AIs, and so…

Disney Princess Dolls Get a Vibrant, Diverse Update

Photo: CreativeSoul Photography/ShopDisneyCreativeSoul Photography rocketed to viral success by taking fairytale looks from beloved Disney Princess characters and re-envisioning them as children from the African diaspora. The gorgeous

Tabletop Games, Kickstarters, Board Games

As the temperature drops, now becomes the perfect time to start hosting more game nights. Maybe start up that new campaign you’ve been thinking about. Whether you’re a forever DM or have never DM’d before, we’ve got some great games that…

Was the Queen’s Virtual Carriage Ride a Real Hologram?

A visual display of Queen Elizabeth II during her coronation 1953 in the Gold State Coach during the Platinum Jubilee Pageant outside Buckingham Palace in London on June 5, 2022Photo: Aaron Chown (AP)The Platinum Jubilee, a celebration