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X Deaths of Wolverine Reveals Moira MacTaggert’s Doom

A lot’s changed for Moira X recently.Image: Frederico Vincentini, Dijjo Lima, and Cory Petit/Marvel ComicsThe ending of Inferno—Jonathan Hickman’s farewell to direct writing involvement in the Krakoan age of X-Books—upended the secret

How to Get Into the Krakoan Age Comics

Image: Mahmud Asrar/Marvel ComicsWhat’s it about? Shaken but not broken by the events in Otherworld, mutantkind continues in its quest to safeguard its new home. Exterior threats still poke and prod at Krakoa’s safe haven, our heroes

Marvel Announces Knights of X and X-Men ’92 Comics

Do you believe in mutants and magic? Image: Marvel ComicsSince House of X hit in 2019, Marvel’s mutants have had a real good run of comics, both long running and short-lived. Jonathan Hickman may now be out after the recent Inferno

Marvel Comics Reveals Legion of X Details

Nightcrawler gets ready to keep the peace.Image: Bob Quinn/Marvel ComicsMutantkind’s revitalization at Marvel Comics in the Dawn, Reign, and now Destiny of X—something that has given mutants a secluded home and status as a global