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AI Is Speeding Up Astronomical Discoveries

Photo: John Moore (Getty Images)First Full-Color Images From Webb Space TelescopeThe famous first image of a black hole just got two times sharper. A research team used artificial intelligence to dramatically improve upon its first image

This Piping-Hot Rocky World Looks Surprisingly Wet

The Webb Space Telescope recently trained its perceptive gaze on a rocky exoplanet about 26 light-years from Earth and found that it appears to have water vapor in its atmosphere—a shock, given its extremeheat and its proximity to its

Webb Telescope Reveals Nearby Exoplanet Has No Atmosphere

TRAPPIST-1b is a superhot rocky world just 40 light-years away. Astronomers recently trained the Webb Space Telescope this exoplanet, a world in the TRAPPIST-1 star system, and found that it’s devoid of an atmosphere.The finding could…

Webb Telescope Spots Exoplanet With ‘Gritty’ Clouds

The Webb Space Telescope just turned its infrared gaze at an exoplanet and found dense clouds swirling in the atmosphere of this quirky world.The planet—VHS 1256b—has a 22-hour day but sits extraordinarily far from the two stars it

Webb Space Telescope Finds Its First Exoplanet

An artist’s impression of the exoplanet, LHS 475 b, and the star it orbits.Illustration: NASA, ESA, CSA, L. Hustak (STScI)The incredibly powerful Webb Space Telescope—which has fed us dazzling images of the cosmos since July—has