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Exploration of Mars

Private Space Venture Now Targeting 2026 for Mars Landing

A commercial landing on Mars will have to wait a little longer as two private space companies updated their plan to touchdown on the Red Planet, delaying it by two years for reasons not made explicitly clear.Astronomers Could Soon Get

NASA Adds Second Review Board for Mars Sample Return

NASA is setting up an independent review board to overseethe Mars Sample Return mission plans, in an effort to make sure the mission will be completed on time and—crucially—under budget.Astronomers Could Soon Get Warnings When SpaceX

This Mars Map Nearly Exploded My Computer

NASA has released an interactive map of Mars made from over 100,000 images taken by the agency’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter; the mosaic is the highest-resolution global portraitof Mars ever made.What Was Your First Experience with

Is NASA Done Sending Traditional Rovers to Mars?

In February 2021, NASA landed a $2.7 billion rover on Mars that has been roaming the Red Planet ever since. The space agency got what it paid for, as the largely autonomous Perseverance rover has been dutifully collecting rock core…

Dextrous Mars Sample Transfer Arm Unveiled in New Video

ESA’s Sample Transfer Arm will pick up samples and load them into a spacecraft to launch them off the surface of Mars.Gif: ESA/NASA/GizmodoThe Mars Sample Return Program is a bold plan to deliver precious samples of Martian soil back to

China’s First Mission to Mars Seems to Be Struggling

The Chinese rover snapped this selfie of itself on Mars shortly after landing on the Red Planet.Image: China News ServiceChina’s Zhurong rover went into hibernation mode in May 2022 to avoid the harsh winter season on Mars, but