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Exploration of the Moon

NASA’s Lunar Flashlight Is Experiencing Thruster Issues

An artist’s impression of Lunar Flashlight scanning a permanently shadowed region on the Moon. Illustration: NASA/JPL-CaltechNASA’s Lunar Flashlight is on a mission to hunt for water ice on the Moon’s surface, but the mission appears to

NASA Considering Some Wild Future Tech

The TitanAir concept for exploring Saturn’s moon Titan. Illustration: Quinn MorleyThe future of space exploration requires big ideas, and NASA has no objection to considering some of the biggest ideas out there. The space agency’s

NASA Is Teaching AI to Navigate on the Moon

Ridges, craters and boulders that mark the lunar surface will help astronauts navigate on the Moon.Illustration: NASA/MoonTrek/Alvin YewFinding our way around the Moon is likely to be a tricky proposition. Unlike Earth, there are no

South Korea’s First Moon Mission Enters Lunar Orbit

After a four month journey through space, the Korean Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter (KPLO) has finally reached lunar orbit. The probe will spend the next year scanning the surface from above in search of water ice and suitable landing spots

NASA Releases Supercut Video of Artemis 1 Highlights

NASA’s Orion spacecraft reached its maximum distance from Earth on November 28.Image: NASAAfter traveling more than 1.4 million miles (2.2 million kilometers) on anhistoric journey to the Moon and back, NASA’s Orion capsule splashed

NASA Hid These Easter Eggs on the Artemis 1 Orion Capsule

The Orion capsule was uncrewed, but filled with several mementos. Image: NASAFollowing its trip to the Moon and back, NASA’s Orion spacecraft splashed down into the Pacific Ocean on Sunday. The inaugural flight for the Artemis program