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7 ‘Extinct’ Species That Eventually Reappeared

We know, we know. It’s not fauna. But this palm has an amazing story of rediscovery. The date species was originally domesticated during the Neolithic, some 7,000 years ago. The dates grown in the region of the Kingdom of Judah, known as…

Why a Genome Can’t Bring Back an Extinct Animal

The victims of extinction are countless and their are killers numerous—but, in recent centuries, there’s been one obvious, enduring culprit: Homo sapiens. A Mononykus Hunts In ‘Prehistoric Planet’As humankind has increased in numbers and…

Animal Species Saved From Extinction

A Guam rail.Photo: Smithsonian InstituteGuam rails were once so rare that they were presumed extinct in the wild. Today, they’re only found on the adjacent islands of Rota and Cocos.Like the fate that befell the kingfisher, the Guam rail

These Animals Were the Last of Their Species

The Pyrenean ibex was a subspecies of ibex that lived across the Pyrenees; due to hunting and other pressures, by the late 20th century the animals were relegated to Ordesa National Park in Spain. The last Pyrenean ibex, a female named…