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Google Adds Extreme Heat Warnings and Other Climate Tools

It’s no secret: the world is heating up. Inevitably, people are starting to take notice. More people are searching for information on extreme heat than ever before, according to Google—and the company is hoping to make those search…

Dead Fish, Dead Cows, and Dead Crops in Argentina

A boy stands on the bank of the Salado River in Buenos Aires Province looking at the dead fish on January 22, 2023.Photo: Natacha Pisarenko (AP)Thousands of dead fish washed up along the shore of a river in Argentina this weekend,in the

U.S. at High Risk of Power Emergencies This Summer

Photo: Aaron M. Sprecher (AP)A chunk of the U.S., from California to Texas to the Midwest, is at risk of blackouts and unreliable power supply this summer as extreme heat and drought impact the electric grid, a major regulator said

Texas Heatwave Creates Concerns Over ERCOT’s Power Grid

A power plant outside of Houston.Photo: Brandon Bell (Getty Images)Buckle up, Texas. Your Mother’s Day weekend could get sweaty—and you might want to prepare for your power to be on the fritz, too. The state is one of more than a dozen

Hurricanes Dropping More Rain Due to Climate Change

2020 hurricanes like Sally (pictured here) dropped extra rainfall thanks to human-caused climate change, new research finds.Photo: FrankRamspott (Getty Images)The 2020 hurricane season was one of the most extreme on record. Between May

Why the U.S. Is Poised to Get More Deadly Landslides

A home damaged by a landslide on Jan. 27, 2021, in Salinas, Calif. Photo: Noah Berger (AP)British Columbia experienced devastating landslides and flooding last fall after torrential rain fell on regions scarred by wildfires, and more of