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ExxonMobil Dips Its Oily Toe Into Lithium Mining

Well, well, well—look who’s decided electric cars aren’t such a bad idea after all. Oil giant ExxonMobil is investing in the future by buying drilling rights for lithium in Arkansas, the Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.What Is Carbon…

The First Natural-Gas Ban in the U.S. Just Got Shot Down

This story was originally published by Grist. Sign up for Grist’s weekly newsletter here.How Can You Be a Steward of Good Tech in 2023? | Gizmodo InterviewWhen the city of Berkeley, California passed the country’s first ban on the use of…

One of the World’s Biggest Polluters Is Leading COP28

The world’s most important climate meeting this year is going to be headed up by one of the world’s most oil-reliant countries. It sounds like the plot of an absurdist play, but it’s reality, and the cracks are already starting to show…