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Deadpool 3 Could Bring Back X-Men Movie Heroes

New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem posters show off the turtle bros’ arsenal. Boots Riley’s surreal new Amazon show I’m a Virgo gets a suitably perplexing new trailer. Plus, even more maximal madness in Transformers: Rise of

Michael Keaton as Batman in The Flash Helped Film Get Made

It’s odd to think a movie called The Flash was so beholden to the casting of a character who isn’t the Flashbut, in the minds of the film’s creators, it was. In The Flash, Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) visits an alternate timeline where

Warner Bros. Spoils ‘Flash’ Cameo, Third One in a Row

Image: Warner Bros.Alright everyone. This is the warning—the spoiler warning. I am going to tell you who shows up in The Flash as a super secret cameo, and some of you aren’t going to like it. Much like Warner Bros. “revealed” the Wonder

Batman Is a Fancy Friend

Image: DC StudiosIf given the chance to bring back those you love, would you risk it all? DC hero Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) will explore the consequences of some well-intentioned time and space meddling in The Flash, which just dropped

First Social Reactions to Ezra Miller Film

After what certainly feels like a long wait—with tumultuous times for its star and a regime change for its studio in the meantime—DC’s The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti (the It series), has finally screened for an audience at…

Batman, Supergirl, Zod, and More

Screenshot: Warner Bros.Back above ground, we cut back to Bruce—with very long hair, so it seems like he’s been out of action as Batman for a while before this—opening up a display of Batsuits hidden behind the bookshelf and display