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Willem Dafoe Joins a Second Nosferatu Remake, Basically

Willem Dafoe as Max Schreck/Count Orlok in 2000's Shadow of the Vampire.Screenshot: Lions GateWillem Dafoe was born to star in a remake of the classic, 1922 German vampire film Nosferatu, which is why I guess he’s doing it twice. Soon,

Helen Mirren to Return in Fast 10

Fast 10 those seatbelts, folks.Image: UniversalRobert Eggers is losing hope for his Nosferatu movie to ever get made. Anson Mount talks Pike’s future on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Plus, get a look at today’s episode of Picard, and

Robert Eggers Wants Willem Dafoe for his Nosferatu Remake

He’s something of a vampire himself.Image: Eureka FilmsRob Zombie’s Munsters remake just keeps adding to its cast. David Lynch throws cold water on rumors that he’s showing a new movie at Cannes. Another familiar face returns for

24 Best and Worst Cinematic Draculas Nicolas Cage Lugosi Lee

This kitschy 1967 Rankin/Bass stop-motion puppet musical extravaganza starred the vocal talents of Boris Karloff as “Baron Boris von Frankenstein,” but he had many notable assists, including Phyllis Diller as “the Monster’s Mate” and the…