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Ford F-150 Lightning prices are going up again

Ford F-150 Lightning prices are going up again. The US automaker is raising the electric pickup’s starting cost by $4,000, bringing the new entry price to $55,974. That’s a 40 percent increase over the electric vehicle’s initial starting…

Ford has started delivering the F-150 Lightning

Ford has begun deliveries of the . The first customer to get their hands on the electric pickup is Nicholas Schmidt, who lives in the automaker's home state of Michigan, around from the F-150 Lightning plant in Dearborn. Ford of the EV…

Riding along in Ford’s F-150 Lightning

Ahead of being able to actually drive it, Ford offered us a chance to check out a prototype of the fleet version of the upcoming F-150 Lightning. While we don’t know what it’s like to be behind the wheel, we did have a chance to check…