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Montana TikTokers Sue to Overturn State’s App Ban

TikTokers in Montana are going to war against a new law banning the app across the state. They’re banding together and joining lawsuits against the state, accusing their elected officials of suppressing their speech and upending their…

Instagram Is Ditching the Shopping Tab

Image: Ink Drop (Shutterstock)Instagram announced on Monday that it’s removing the Shop tab from its app, revealing a new navigation bar on the way. The change will come next month and will redirect the Reels tab (because everyone loves

TikTok Silently Prepares to Launch In-App Shopping

TikTok hosted its own booth at a book fair in Frankfurt, Germany last month, but its own plans for shopping on the app are as ambitious as they are potentially invasive.Photo: ANDRE PAIN/AFP (Getty Images)I hope you’re in the mood for