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Twitter Is Screwing With Substack Links

Like a voodoo doll that’s been poked and prodded by an overly-enthusiastic amateur magician, Elon Musk’s Twitter has started to come apart at the seams. Now it’s an open question if Musk’s well-known vindictiveness has broken another…

TikTok Tests Thumbs Down Dislike Feature

Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty Images)TikTok is giving users a thumbs down.In a Wednesday announcement, the company revealed it’s testing out anew feature which will let users “dislike” comments they deem “irrelevant or inappropriate.” TikTok

Facebook’s News Feed Boosted Bad Posts for Six Months

Image: Denis Charlet (Getty Images)A “massive ranking failure” in the Facebook News Feed promoted content it pegged as bad for the past six months. The flaw in the News Feed’s ranking algorithm elevated misinformation, violence, and the