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Virginia Lifts Police Facial Recognition Ban

Photo: Drew Angerer (Getty Images)A patchwork of individual state privacy laws isn’t filling the hole left by absent federal government regulation on facial recognition. Virginia, which approved a ban on local police use of biometric

Clearview AI Is Bringing Facial Recognition to Schools

Photo: Hector Vivas (Getty Images)Clearview AI, the surveillance firm notoriously known for harvesting some 20 billion face scans off of public social media searches, said it may bring its technology to schools and other private

Clearview AI Ordered to Purge U.K. Face Scans, Pay Fine

Photo: Steffi Loos (Getty Images)The United Kingdom has had it with creepy facial recognition firm Clearview AI. Under a new enforcement rule from the U.K.’s Information Commissioner’s office, Clearview must cease the collection and use

Can Police Use Facial Recognition Scans at Traffic Stops?

Photo: MediaNews Group/Boulder Daily Camera (Getty Images)Law enforcement’s use of facial recognition technology during investigations has blossomed in recent years thanks in no small part to a booming surveillance industry built on the