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Theropods Like T. Rex Had Lips, Study Finds

Theropods like T. rex and Velociraptor had sheaths of scaly skin covering their long, pointy teeth, according to a team of paleontologists who recently studied the ancient predators.Exclusive Jurassic World Dominion Bonus Feature…

Fish May Feel Each Other’s Fear, Study Finds

You may have heard that ‘fish don’t feel pain.’ It’s a common, persistent myth that dates back to 17th-century French philosophy. Yet, regardless of René Descartes’smany other worthwhile ideas, the scientific consensus is that he was

Monet’s dreamy haze was actually pollution, study finds

Written by Jacopo Prisco, CNNIn a letter to his wife in March 1901, pioneering French painter Claude Monet lamented the bad weather that prevented him from working, as well as another conspicuous impediment to his creativity. "Everything…

TikTok Is An Awful Source of Monkeypox Info, Study Finds

Anyone hoping to stay ahead of the next viral outbreak might want to avoid TikTok, new research suggests. The study, published Wednesday in BMJ Global Health, found that TikTok videos discussing the viral disease monkeypox, which spread