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She-Hulk Episode 6 Review

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The CIA Is Podcasting Propaganda

What can an agency famous for keeping secrets even say on a podcast?Photo: Olivier Doulier - Pool (Getty Images)When the CIA announced its new podcast on Thursday and opened with the joke “(tap tap tap) Is this thing on? 🎙️”—the

Signal Wants You to Help Bypass Iran’s Restrictions

Photo: Edward Smith (Getty Images)Want to help bring encrypted messaging to a despotic regime that treats women like shit? Well, now’s your chance. Signal is currently asking users to help make its end-to-end encrypted messaging service

Jury Rules Project Veritas Violated Wiretapping Laws

Photo: Samuel Corum (Getty Images)Project Veritas, the conservative “investigative journalism” outlet known for shoving hidden cameras anywhere they can fit them, reportedly violated wiretapping laws.That’s according to a ruling in a

Harry Styles, Florence Pugh Mystery

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh in Don’t Worry Darling.Image: Warner Bros.Don’t Worry Darling has style. And we don’t just mean Harry Styles. It’s got an incredible look and feel about it. Impeccable production and costume design. Bright,

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