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Bank of England hikes interest rates for fifth time

The Bank of England said on Thursday that it would raise the cost of borrowing by 25 basis points to 1.25% despite fears that soaring prices are already squeezing households and weighing on economic growth. "Bank staff now expect GDP to…

Etsy sellers go on strike over fee hikes

Etsy sellers are acting on their promise to go on strike. The Wall Street Journal notes some crafters are protesting the marketplace's latest fee increase by putting their shops into "vacation mode" for a week ending April 18th.…

Etsy Sellers Are Striking Over Transaction Fee Hikes

Photo: SOPA Images (Getty Images)The makers of your favorite personalized pillow cases and DIY jewelry on Etsy are preparing for a digital strike in protest of what they see as exorbitant seller fees.Organizers say the strike will begin

Rate hikes are here: What does that mean for you?

Fed officials said Wednesday they are raising interest rates, beginning their first cycle of rate hikes since the one that began in late 2015.The fact that the Fed is finally moving away from zero shows confidence in the health of the…

Etsy Hikes Seller Fees (Again)

Photo: Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket (Getty Images)Two things became pretty clear on Etsy’s latest earning call: the platform is making more money than ever, and sellers are going to start seeing a lot less of it. The ecommerce