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Google Releases Bard, Its AI Rival to ChatGPT

After an initial announcement in February, Google has officially opened limited beta access to its AI chatbot, “Bard,” which it describes as a companion to its primary service, search. Google calls the chatbot an “experiment” and has…

Private Japanese Hakuto-R Lander Enters Moon’s Orbit

After traveling through space for more than three months, Japan’s Hakuto-R lander has entered lunar orbit,as it prepares to land on the dusty surface of the Moon.On Tuesday, Tokyo-based company ispace announced that its Hakuto-R Mission

Microsoft Adds DALL-E AI Image Generator to Bing

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that it is using an advanced version of Open AI’s DALL-E image generator to power its own Bing and Edge browser. Like DALL-E before it, the newly announced Bing Image Creator will generate a set of images

NASA’s DART Asteroid Crash Seen by Very Large Telescope

Last fall, NASA’s DART spacecraft smashed into Dimorphos, a small asteroid some 7 million miles away, in an unprecedented attempt to change the orbit of a natural body in space. Now, two teams of astronomers have released images of the