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Rude Tales of Magic Podcast: Most Ridiculous NPC Names

Image: Rude Tales of Magic/Fortunate HorseWhile funny actual-play Dungeons & Dragons podcasts like Critical Role and The Adventure Zone get more attention, I need to make you aware of Rude Tales of Magic. DMed by Branson Reese and

We Went ‘Goblin Mode’ in 2022 According to Oxford

“Goblin mode” is another example of how the internet is modernizing our own lexicon. Image: DomCritelli (Shutterstock)Another year gone by, another chance to reflect on our society’s lexicon. While Merriam-Webster officially crowned

Dungeons & Dragons Radiant Citadel Anthology Exclusive

“Salamander Ambush” by Tom Babbey.Image: Wizards of the CoastThe Radiant Citadel is not a dungeon. It’s a way stop, a place for Dungeons & Dragons characters to rest on the road... specifically, roads to and from the various

What is This Strange Figure Outside the Amarillo Zoo?

Image: Amarillo Zoo / FacebookThe city of Amarillo, Texas has asked the public for help identifying a weird animal-like figure that was seen on security cameras outside the Amarillo Zoo last month. The official City of Amarillo Facebook

Netflix Oni Trailer: Gorgeous Japanese-American Animation

Image: NetflixNetflix debuts its newest offering, “After School,” a programming push aimed at younger children, with Oni: The Thunder God’s Tale, an animated show rooted in Japanese mythology. Oni is led by its creator and showrunner,