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DC’s The Flash Movie Toys: Batman, Barry Allen, Batmobile

Image: Spin MasterPressing a button on the Flash figure’s chest triggers one of several different spoken phrases including: “We have to go back.”“Concentrate on your molecules.”“I’m Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive.”“C’mon,

All the New Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar Reveals

In 2010, Lego finally realized that many collectors would often buy a specific set just for the unique minifigures it included, and so launched a collectible line of minifigs all by themselves featuring unique costumes and accessories…

All 13 Batman Movies Ranked The Dark Knight The Batman

11. Justice LeagueImage: Warner Bros.For our money, Justice League is a better Batman movie than Batman v Superman. He’s the main character, he brings everyone together, we see him as a fully formed leader. Unfortunately, the movie