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Jurassic World: Dominion: The Spoiler FAQ

Image: UniversalIf you saw Jurassic World Dominion this past weekend—and the film’s very large box office suggests that you did—I’m so sorry. If you haven’t yet, please let me save you some time by answering all the questions you could

A Muddled, Near Good Jurassic Film

The cast of Jurassic World in peril.Image: Universal/AmblinJurassic World is the most Jurassic movie of all the Jurassic movies. It takes the structure of the first movie—a theme park run amok—and blends it with the franchise’s ultimate

Better Than You Remember Dinos

I can’t believe I’m going to say it: I like Jurassic Park III.Image: Universal PicturesIt’s been seven years since I last saw Jurassic Park III and wow, did I hate it at the time. I know that for a fact because I live-tweeted it and, as

Dominion Toy We Saw at Universal’s Generation Jurassic

Photo: Sabina Graves/io9Guests were also able to hop on Jurassic World: the Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood for some facetime with the films stars Rexy, the Indominus and Raptor power force. Afterwards you can drop into the souvenir

Jurassic Park Cast Reunites in New Jurassic World 3 Video

The gang’s all back, including director Colin Trevorrow.Screenshot: Universal/YouTubeNot everyone loves Jurassic World, but everyone loves Jurassic Park, and that’s why almost everyone is at least a little excited for Jurassic World

Dominion Lego Set Honors Jurassic Park

Yesterday we got a good look at the next entry in the Jurassic Park franchise with the first full trailer for Jurassic World: Dominion, and where there’s a blockbuster en route there are also new Lego sets. Our favorite of today’s