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Yes, a Lego Computer Brick Can Play ‘Doom’

The ever-growing list of random electronic devices that can play Doom—which already includes pregnancy tests, Christmas tree ornaments, and even farming equipment—grows slightly longer with James Brown’s functional Lego computers now…

Our Favorite Toys of 2022

We love toys here at io9, and when we’re not writing about them, we’re probably playing with them. It’s been a killer year for cool nerdy collectibles, so here’s just a few of our favorite things we picked up in the proverbial toy aisle…

2022’s Biggest, Coolest, and Funniest Lego Sets

Image: LegoOne of the world’s most popular toys has actually been entertaining kids for over 60 years, putting Lego in a unique position to not only cater to new generations, but also those who grew up with the building toyand never

How Lego and MIT Came Together To Give Us Lego Robots

Photo: AlesiaKan (Shutterstock)Pour one out for Mindstorms. The build-it-yourself Lego robotics brand is getting discontinued at the end of next year, but that doesn’t mean it won’t forever live on in our hearts. But it almost didn’t