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This Handheld Can Put on Joystick Pants For 3D Games

Photo: Andrew Liszewski | GizmodoThere’s a newish challenge when it comes to designing Game Boy-style handhelds capable of playing retro games, because consoles like the original Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast are now considered

ChatGPT May Be the Fastest Growing App in History

It’s no secret that ChatGPT, the large language model-powered artificial intelligence from OpenAI, has taken the internet by storm. Everyone is talking about it, everywhere online—Gizmodo included. The AI chatbot can almost instantly…

Microsoft rolls out ChatGPT-powered Teams Premium

Feb 1 (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) on Wednesday rolled out a premium Teams messaging offering powered by ChatGPT to simplify meetings using the AI chatbot that has taken Silicon Valley by a storm.The premium service will cost $7…

Intel Cuts Pay to Cut Costs

CEO Patrick Gelsingeris reportedly taking a 25% pay cut, as raises across the company are on pause.Layoffs are ravaging the tech industry due to the wildly abstract threat posed by “the economy,” but Intel is taking a different

Google Is Likely Testing Its Own ChatGPT-Style AI

Google is rushing to release its own artificial intelligence products in the wake of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The search engine pioneer is working hard and fast on a “code red” effort to respond to ChatGPT with a large language chatbot and…