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New Browser Game Combines Dall-E Mini and Wordle

Every time I clicked “next,” I felt a rush: The roll of the dice, the spin of the roulette wheel. What incredible, horrific array of distorted images would the internet spit out at me next? And, more importantly, would I be able to…

Apple’s Mac Mini M1 drops back down to $570

If you're looking to upgrade to a speedy, compact desktop, Apple's Mac Mini M1 is a good option. The machine is back on sale at Amazon right now for $570 thanks to a coupon that knocks $99 off its price. That's the lowest price we've…

These Tiny Frogs Are So, So Bad at Jumping

Side and birds-eye views of the jumping skill of B. pernix.Gif: Richard L. Essner, Jr.Get out your smallest violin—or maybe your biggest—for the petite frogs whose miniature ear structures hinder their ability to hop, one of the defining