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Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2 Sneak Peek

Image: NetflixIf you’ve already binge-watched the first volume of Stranger Things’ fourth season—and the odds are decent that you did—you were likely left grasping onto the ledge for dear life thanks to that intense cliffhanger. This

Stranger Things Season 4 Spoiler Discussion Zone

Dungeons & Dragons & Netflix.Image: NetflixIt’s time to go back to Hawkins, Indiana, the freakiest town in America, and reconnect with all our pals—as well as the Stranger Things characters who’re having their own freaky times

Patrick Stewart Talks Professor X Doctor Strange 2 Rumors

To me, my ex-X-Men!Screenshot: Marvel StudiosBrie Larson talks the madness of The Marvels. The cast of The Batman tease the latest Dark Knight,via the medium of Little Caesars. The CW rounds out more cast for its Nancy Drew spinoff, Tom