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Best Ways to Use the New iPhone Pro’s Dynamic Island

Image: Florence Ion / GizmodoThere’s been lots of chatter about the iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max’s Dynamic Island since it was introduced a few weeks ago. It’s garnered enough buzz that even Android users are attemptingto spoof the feature on

You Can Use Dynamic Island on Android Now

One of these Dynamic Islands is not like the other. Photo: Florence Ion / GizmodoIt bears repeating that trying to emulate an iOS feature that isn’t native to Android often results in something too hacky to use daily. That’s how I feel

Yes, Instagram Is Down

Image: KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV / Contributo (Getty Images)If you’re able to access your Instagram account right now, I guess you can consider yourself lucky. The app was reportedly down for some users Thursday according to thousands of

Spotify’s Adding Audiobooks

Spotify’s new audiobook lineup requires you to visit the Spotify webpage in order to make the purchase, putting them in a strange place compared to the wide slate of existing audiobook apps.Photo: Fabio Principe (Shutterstock)Hey, you.

Slack Has The Key To A Great Developer Experience

Image: gorodenkoff (Getty Images)To build a true platform carries a responsibility that not all enterprise products are ready to take on — to give as much as you get, listen more than you speak, and honor the trust it takes to build on

16 Things You Can Do in iOS 16 That You Couldn’t Before

iOS 16 has arrived.Image: AppleAfter months of previews and betas, iOS 16 is here and rolling out to iPhones worldwide. Once you’ve got it safely installed on your device, you’ll want to know about all the new features now at your

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