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Vrbo Works to Squash Super Bowl Party Rentals

Vrbo is in the midst of a football advertising blitz and plans to show off a pre-Super Bowl ad Feb. 12. To that end, the company is rolling out its party-detecting tech to catch unwanted bowl blowouts.Photo: Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire

Apple Self-Service Repair Tool Kit Rentals are Massive

Image: Self Service Repair StoreApple’s self-service repair program went live today, giving iPhone (and eventually Mac) customers the tools and instructions need to repair their devices at a lower cost and from the comfortof their own

Lyft brings Spin scooter rentals to its app

users in 60 markets across the US will soon be able to access another transit option in the app: scooters. Folks in Nashville can find and rent a Spin scooter via Lyft starting today. The option will be available in 13 more cities in…