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Google Fi Suffers Data Breach After T-Mobile Hacked

Photo: J.K2507 (Shutterstock)Earlier this week, Google announced that user accounts for its cell network service, Google Fi, had been compromised. The breach appears to have been the result of the hack on Google’s service provider,

Webb Telescope Spectrograph Suffers Software Glitch

NASA says the Webb Space Telescope’s Near Infrared Imager and Slitless Spectrograph is currently unavailable for science operations following a software glitch earlier this month.In a release published yesterday, the agency stated that…

Hellllllp! OSU Suffers Sixth ‘L’ In Seven Games

Brice Sensabaugh led OSU with 14 points, but shot just 5-of-13 amid the Buckeyes’ 37% performance. Its offense is a disaster, its veterans are offering little help, and the schedule offers no immediate relief as Ohio