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Authors Win as Amazon Revamps Ebook Return Policy

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos holds up two Kindles at a press conference in 2012. The ebook reader was originally released in 2007.Image: David McNew (Getty Images)Amazon has switched up its return policy for those whopurchase ebooks on its

TikTok Cracks Down on Political Content

Ahead of the U.S. midterm elections, TikTok announced some changes to its content policy. The social media giant is now barring videos that contain political fundraising and mandating verification for U.S.-based government and political

iPhone 14 Pro Max Users Experiencing Loud Camera Shaking

Photo: Brittany Hosea-Small (Getty Images)iPhone users who whipped out the big bucks on the company’s most expensive new smartphone are reportedly experiencing a major bug possibly related to the device’s optical image stabilization(OIS)

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