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The best video streaming services in 2022

The number of video streaming services available has increased dramatically over the past few years as everyone decides they want a piece of the pie. The days when Netflix was your only option are long gone now, and while that’s great…

8 Fantastic Video Games Set In Fall

Image: Remedy EntertainmentWhen the day starts to cool and the leaves turn crunchy orange, I’m in the best mood possible. I want to light a cranberry-scented candle, settle into soft blankets, and boot up one of many great autumnal video

Loki’s Eugene Cordero Will be a Season 2 Regular

Screenshot: Marvel EntertainmentIn between some disappointing news, we’ve also got some amazing trailers from the upcoming episode of House of the Dragon, Raven’s Hollow (a horror film following Edgar Allen Poe at West Point), and

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