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Waze Is Shutting Down Its Carpool Service

Waze is shutting down its carpooling app in September, citing low usage. Image: Eric Risberg (AP)Did you know Waze was offering carpooling through its app? I did not. I own a car, so it was not something that was on my radar. But the

Google Street View App Update, Waze Gets Apple Music

Google’s Street View can take you back in time, just like the DeLorean. Image: GoogleAfter 15 years, Google Street View has become the defacto destination for people trying to get a feel for where they’re going. If not for Street View, I

Waze finally adds Apple Music integration

Five years after Waze first added , Google’s navigation app finally . Starting today, you can use Waze’s to play, pause and switch between songs in your iPhone’s Apple Music library. That means you don’t need to switch between apps when…

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