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Technology update required for all Apple devices – Jagwire

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Today, Apple released a solution for possible vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could use to exploit and gain complete control of an iPhone, iPad, or Mac device running macOS Monterey.

Immediate action should be taken to reduce the risk of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, per the Division of Information Technology

Personal devices

Action is required on your part to make sure your personal devices running macOS Monterey are up to date, such as your iPhone, iPad or Mac.  

Download the update on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  
Download the update on your Mac.  

If you are experiencing issues with personal devices, please reach out to Apple Support.  

AU-owned devices

The Division of Information Technology is pushing an update to all AU-owned affected Mac devices. The user must accept this update on their Mac device. Once accepted, the update will take around 30 minutes to complete. 

However, you can complete the update before the push and download the update on your Mac now.  

Those with AU-owned mobile devices must complete the update manually. The update will only be pushed to desktop and laptop devices.

Should you experience any issues with AU-owned devices, contact our IT Help Desk: 

University: 706-721-4000 
Health System: 706-721-7500
Online Service Portal



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