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The Best Android Launchers

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Three screenshots of the AIO Launcher app

If you’re up for some information density, you’ll love AIO Launcher.
Screenshot: Florence Ion / Gizmodo

AIO Launcher is different, and honestly, it’s great for working from home because it prioritizes the basics above all else. It starts with the time and the weather, followed by a device monitor that lets you know how much storage you have and how much battery is left. There’s a slot for the timer on top of the area for your most frequently used apps.

And then the list goes on, and on, for about three thumb scrolls. There’s an expansive dialer, which embeds right there in the stream, plus sections for your calendar, Twitter feed, and news feed. If you want, you can go into the settings and add additional widgets, like one that lets you scroll through your Telegram messages and a web traffic widget for monitoring your phone’s connections. By default, the quick settings toggle menu is at the very bottom.

AIO Launcher is definitely for a particular type of Android power user. I’d suggest it if you’re into information density. AIO also offers several tinkerer-friendly features, like Tasker integration and third-party plugins. And if you want to unlock it all, it’s only $4.

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