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The Best TVs at CES 2022

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Image: Sony

Every year at CES the convention centers and hotel-casino ballrooms of Las Vegas convert into a battleground for TV makers trying to prove their displays are brighter, more colorful, and slimmer than the others. This year at CES 2022 was no different: Top dogs Sony, Samsung, and LG, alongside challengers TCL, Hisense, and Panasonic, refreshed their entire TV lineups, which range from budget LED panels to flagship miniLED and OLED TVs.

Of the new TV features revealed at CES, the most promising are enhanced versions of OLED, including Samsung’s QD-OLED and LG’s OLED Evo and OLED EX, which promise to address the shortcomings of today’s leading screen technology. However, those worried about burn-in should look to one of the many new (and unbearably expensive) miniLED TVs showcased at the trade show.

Regardless of which technology you opt for, almost every 2022 TV you buy this year will have gaming features that allow for 4K, 120Hz play, and new smart tools designed to make it easier for you to find the content you might actually want to watch.

There were countless options to choose from, but only a few truly stood out. Here are the best TVs of CES 2022.

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