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The Coolest Images Taken by NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

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Artist’s impression of New Horizons.

Artist’s impression of New Horizons.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has seen amazing things since it launched over sixteen years ago. It has cruised by Jupiter, peeked at erupting volcanos on Io, and most famously, zipped past Pluto, becoming the first spacecraft to visit a dwarf planet.

The spacecraft is now about 4.3 billion miles (6.9 billion km) from Earth, where it is operating normally and venturing deep into the Kuiper belt at speeds reaching 33,000 miles per hour (53,000 km/hr).

The Pluto flyby, which occurred on July 14, 2015, remains the probe’s crowning achievement. But scientists have taken full advantage of the NASA mission’s journey through the solar system to capture thousands of images of solar system objects. These are our favorites.

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