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The Morning After: Sony made a $3,700 Walkman

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Sony has released two ultra-high-end Walkman MP3 players aimed squarely at audiophiles — and no-one else. The headliner, the $3,700 NW-WM1ZM2 (pictured left), combines an S-Master HX digital amp with “fine-tuned” capacitors, thick Kimber Kable (to link the amp to the headphone jack) and a 99.99 percent pure gold-plated, oxygen-free copper chassis. It’ll have 256GB of expandable storage. Sure.


A lower-cost model, the $1,400 NW-WM1AM2 (shown right), offers similar functionality to the ZM2, but in an aluminum alloy body with ‘just’ a low-resistance oxygen-free copper cable. You’ll also have to make do with 128GB of expandable space. At that price.

Both Walkman models are available now.

— Mat Smith


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