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The Xbox Series S is 7 percent off at Woot

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If you’ve been trying to buy a next-gen console, you’re no doubt aware that it’s been quite a challenge due to component shortages. However, Microsoft has done a great job making the Xbox Series S model available over the past few months, and now we’re starting to see our first real discounts. It’s on sale at Woot for $280, which is $20 or 7 percent off the regular $300 price. That’s not a lot, but given that they haven’t been available at all until recently, any discount is appreciated. 

Buy Xbox Series S at Woot – $280

We said that the Xbox Series S was a “formidable next-gen console wrapped up in an adorable package” in our Engadget review, while also noting that it was an “incredible value.” That’s thanks to the compact design (looking at you, Sony PS5), improved game performance and the huge backward-compatible library. 

More specifically, the console can handle games at up to 1440p and hit variable refresh rates up to 120fps, though not many games can do both at the same time. It can’t handle 4K like the Xbox Series X or PS5, but refresh rate is a more important issue for most gamers. You also get dramatically faster load times thanks to Microsoft’s new Xbox Velocity architecture and custom 512GB SSD, though the relatively paltry storage might be an issue for some users. 

Lack of storage aside, the Xbox Series S is already one of the best console deals out there, and even more so at the discounted $280 price. You’d better act quickly if you want one, however, as the deal is likely to disappear soon. 

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