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Track cyclists in hospital after crash into crowd at Commonwealth Games

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Two riders have been hospitalized and multiple spectators required medical treatment after a crash catapulted an Olympic gold medalist into the crowd during a Commonwealth Games qualifying race on a high-banked track Sunday.

England’s Matt Walls was treated in the stands for almost 40 minutes after both he and his bike were flung off the track in Birmingham, Great Britain.

The 24-year-old, who won the omnium at the Tokyo Olympics last year, and Isle of Man rider Matt Bostock were taken to hospital after an incident involving several riders who collided on a turn.

The morning session of cycling was abandoned and spectators were asked to leave the Lee Valley velodrome as Walls received treatment behind a temporary screen after the crash.

Witnesses said that because of the gradient of the banking on the track, spectators in the front row could not see the crash unfolding, nor Walls coming towards them.

One man received treatment for cuts to his arm and a young girl also required medical assistance.

British Cycling confirmed on social media that Walls and Bostock were the riders taken to hospital.

“We send our best wishes to the riders and spectators involved in the incident and will provide a further update when we can,” British Cycling posted on Twitter.

Officials from several teams sprinted towards the stricken riders after the crash on the final lap of the second qualifying heat. The final is scheduled for Sunday night.

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