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Vampire Survivors, One Of The Best Games Of 2022, Surprise-Releases On iOS And Android For Free

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After launching on PC and Xbox consoles earlier this year, Vampire Survivors is now available to play on mobile devices for free. The big reveal was announced during The 2022 Game Awards, but not before popular Twitter user Wario64 discovered the game was already listed on both iOS and Android’s app stores earlier today.


In Vampire Survivors, players are forced to take on hordes of demons, monsters, and other ghastly creatures as they hunt down the evil Bisconte Draculo. The game features numerous character, weapons, and upgrades, allowing for nearly endless playstyles and strategies. In addition, Vampire Survivors features an in-game store where you can spend gold you’ve acquired throughout levels to permanently upgrade your survivors. The roguelite bullet-hell game was a surprise hit for first-time developer Poncle, and quickly became one of the most popular games of 2022.

It’s worth nothing that, even prior to Vampire Survivor’s release on mobile, the game was still available to play on the go through Xbox’s Cloud Streaming service and via Steam Deck. In fact, we at GameSpot named Vampire Survivors one of the best games to play on Steam Deck due to its “simple but shockingly fun” gameplay loop.

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