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Video Interview – NGK’s ceramic technology for decarbonized society and digitalization

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NGK Insulators are ceramic specialists and he shares his thoughts on Electronica featuring, firstly, EnerCera, a battery for IoT devices that contributes to the realization of Society 5.0, secondly, a gallium nitride (GaN) wafer that improves the performance of RF devices and high-power devices, and, thirdly, dissimilar material bonded wafers, which contribute to the production of highly functional semiconductors and electronic components, he tells us.

We also caught up with Dr. Marian Dreher, Key account Manager of Sensor Business for NGK Europe – who discussed wireless power transfer and smart logistics – and Mr. Claus Dieter Vogt, the CTO of the Product Management Group at NGK Europe – who discussed EnerCera batteries for use with advanced technologies of energy harvesting and wireless power transfer.

Thank you to Dr. Stefan, Dr. Marian and Claus for their time.

Video: emap – Priya Atwal

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