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Westside Webb delves into the game that is life on ‘Player Games Pt. 1’

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Long Beach native Westside Webb delivers soulful collection of tracks on latest project Player Games Pt. 1, nine offerings exploring themes of hustle, grind, and struggle led by his stylish yet powerful flow. Rooted in the inspirational message that life isn’t easy, Webb reminds us that as long as we persevere and keep playing the game called life, things always have a chance to get better.

Opening with the smooth stylings of “The Prologue,” the project swerves into uber anthemic hip-hop offerings such as “Don’t Trip,” and “Membership.” The hazy beats of “Westside Webb – Different Goals,” captures Webb’s ambitions and goals.

“A Week of Webb,” showcases softer, groovier instrumentals as does the electro-touched sensibilities of “Hustle Don’t Sleep,” revealing the powerful act’s versatility, with the lush feel of the title track close off the album on feel-good vibes that leave us wanting more.

With each of his tracks built on a foundation of making himself and others happy, Westside Webb crafts an intimate yet relatable sonic experience that encourages to pushing ahead no matter what obstacles might come in our way – giving us doses of the zest for life and living we all need from time to time.

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